Feedback on expert session on K8S by Linux World.

Hello Readers, Today I am going to review the expert session on Kubernetes taken by Mr. Amel Mathai(Technical delivery manager, RedHat trainings) and Mr. Daleep Bais(Senior Technology Instructor, RedHat) which is organized by Mr. Abid Mattoo (Partner sales Manager, RedHat) for Linux World India students.

Expert Session thumbnail.

This expert session is being started by Preeti mam as always, First she introduced all the guest faculty. After Introduction Mr. Amel started the session and started talking about Kubernetes and Openshift. He talked a lot about k8s and Openshift, He told us how Openshift using K8s and other technologies to deliver better Container Management Engine as compare to traditional based Kubernetes Engine. He also talked about various industry use cases related to kubernetes, which is being solved by Openshift.

After this much of brief introduction to Kubernetes and Openshift, Mr. Daleep singh Bais started showing practical, where he started solving a real world use case with the help of Openshift. The Practical session is completely awesome. After that they both took a Question and Answer round, Where he solved all the queries of attendees .

Overall, The session is very good, Got a great exposure to kubernetes and Openshift in practical. Instructors are well verse with the topics, they were delivering.

One of the most amazing session taken by Linux World India. Thank you for organizing such a great session.



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