Feedback on Expert session on Automation using Ansible by Linux World.

Instructors for the session —

  1. SREEJITH ANUJAN — Principal Instructor (Redhat)
  2. ARUN EAPEN — Director-APAC RedHat Asia Pacific.

Summary —

In this session I learned various things about automation, I get to know how companies are using Ansible. I also solved some practical use cases of companies which really they are solving with the help of Ansible Tower. Some of the key highlights of the session :-

  • Ansible Tower
  • Provisioning of instances on AWS, OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)
  • How ansible tower uses clusters.
  • Creating Virtual environments for IDE using Ansible tower.
  • Enabling ChatOps in Ansible tower.
  • Security Remediation using Ansible tower.
  • Orchestration using Ansible Automation.
  • Using Workflow visualizer in Ansible tower.
  • Enabling GitOps in Ansible Tower.

Overall learned all this concepts and find out the industrial use cases of ansible in automation. It was a amazing experience to attend such a session from industry experts.

I would like to thank Linux World and Vimal daga sir for organizing such a session.

Thank you for providing such a oppurtunity.

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