Hello readers, Welcome back to our blog. Today we are going to talk about exposing a traffic to a port or a container or an instance(VM) without an public IP address. To achieve this we are going to use a ngrok tunnel.

source: www.ngrok.com

Let’s understand What is tunnel?

In general we know tunnel as a passageway…

Hello Readers, Today I am going to show you that, How you can launch your WordPress websites over AWS and store WordPress data in the RDS database for high availability of data.

Image Source — Google search


  • Create a database instance using the Amazon RDS service.
  • Launch an ec2 instance.
  • Configure ec2 instance and…

Hello Readers, In today’s blog I am going to show you How can you setup a Load Balancer (HAproxy) to balance the traffic on webservers.

For this demonstration, I am using

  • RHEL 8
  • Apache httpd
  • HaProxy
  • Ansible 2.x
Source: https://rohitraut3366.medium.com/configuring-reverse-proxy-and-updating-its-configuration-file-automatically-using-ansible-playbook-bbd0b0616eb5

I am showing this practical on my local system. Before starting practical…

Hello readers, Hope you all are doing well in this lockdown period. Today I bring a blog for you in which I will tell you, that how can you make your services Idempotence, So that every time you run your playbook it’s services won’t restarted again.

Source : https://sharmashristi532.medium.com/httpd-service-idempotence-nature-61fa00905b8b

So for this blog…

Hello Readers, Today I am going to Show you that How can you setup a Hadoop Distributed Storage Cluster using Ansible Playbook. Before Starting all that, Let me introduce you to the key terms of this blog.

Source: https://thealchemist627.medium.com/

Ansible: It is a configuration management software developed by RedHat, widely use to…

Hello Readers, Today I am going to show you that, How Can you write a Ansible Playbook such that it will launch website for you over a docker container. Before Showing you the playbook, Let me introduce you to the key terms.

Ansible is a configuration management tool used to…

Hello Guys, Today I am going to share you, How can you make your computer or network such that it can only ping to google. This type of system is very needful for certain use cases where you want to restrict user of your computer to a certain site.


Hello Readers, Today I am going to review the expert session on Kubernetes taken by Mr. Amel Mathai(Technical delivery manager, RedHat trainings) and Mr. Daleep Bais(Senior Technology Instructor, RedHat) which is organized by Mr. Abid Mattoo (Partner sales Manager, RedHat) for Linux World India students.

Expert Session thumbnail.

This expert session is being…

Now guys we have to create a python script to create a LVM volume.

Before continuing to this blog refer to this blog:

This blog will tell you all about LVM, How to create LVM manually, how to extend the size of the same etc.

Step 1: Open a text…

Hello Readers, In today’s blog I am going to show you how you can create LVM volumes.

Src: Bing search

Software require:-

  1. Virtualization software eg. Oracle Virtual box, VMware, HyperV etc.
  2. RedHat 8 VMs.
  3. Root or Sudo privilege.

So let’s start with the practical part of our blog:

What is LVM?

LVM or Logical Management Volume…

Abhishek Sahu

Hey Readers, I am tech enthusiast and an Computer Science Student. Here I am sharing various industry use cases and its solution.

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